Horse Riding

3 days of trekking !

Equestrian activities are a passion for hundreds of years. This passion has seen its advanced features over the years, giving rise to additional activities or to specialized materials in the field. All this was done so that everyone can fully and wonderfully live this passion. This is exactly the case of horsesriding which will offer many advantages.

Horseback riding: preparation

When considering a hike horses, be aware that adequate preparation will need to be made under penalty of penalizing the final pleasure. The purpose of a horse riding, even breaking the usual pace of those who used to ride regularly. So consider riding a 4 to 6 hours per day for 3 consecutive days. The preparation will therefore have to be made at all levels starting with the equipment. Find used saddles for sale of good quality will be recommended. After that, it will be important to take into account parameters such as the climate and the type of hiking that will weigh even more on the body. The qualities that will be important to be gathered so stamina, good fluency and a saddle fit. To reach such a level, it will prepare a few weeks in advance to intensify the body. It goes without saying that it will ride at least 2 times a week for at least 2 hours each session.

Preparation beyond the physical

You should know that the physical and mental preparation will not be the only ones forced to fill in a horseback riding. There is also the financial side which should be taken into account. If we assume for a hike in a bivouac for example, it will be important to take with you enough money. Of course, bank cards can be used everywhere. Only the conditions of use will always be different if you go to other countries. If we take into account that the bank takes a certain dividend each retired and those dividends differ across countries, it is recommended to make a large withdrawal once instead of multiple small withdrawals that will return more expensive.

Horse Riding Training

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