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Can I go to a river with a leather saddle ?

If you have to choose from these used saddles for sale, it would be best to choose the leather saddle well as synthetic saddle is the most accessible on the market in terms of price. In fact, leather is the most requested hardware in the working sessions especially for areas that are always in direct contact with the horse's sweat. The leather will never wear out and defies time especially if you take care of very well. In addition, it is perfect for any climate change come rain, snow, shine. That is, it is so perfect for swimming. But still need to know how to properly maintain it.

Properly maintain its equipment

For your riding equipment can defy time, it is important to clean it well. To do this, simply detach the stirrup, strap and remove the net before there appliqer soap containing glycerine or cleansing milk. These products will promote hydration leather during the regular cleaning while allowing further enhance its flexibility. The glycerine soap is available in several forms including sprays and bread. After you have finished then use your material, you must clean it with a damp sponge without necessarily lather. Note that this does not require either of rinsing since you just leave it at room temperature away from sunlight to do this. The soap would be best if your saddle is already flexible enough.

For a complete leather care, you should not skip these three steps. First you need to clean it with using a degreasing lotion and a soft cloth so you do not have the glycerine soap. Note that it should not be used for leathers that have natural or aniline finish. Then you need to moisturize your leather thoroughly with oil, being careful not to put on your boards, your strap liners or your saddle seat. Finally, you must hydrate the surface and protect your leather with grease.

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