Horse Riding

Dressage asks a day by day training

It is not enough to have the right equipment like cwd used saddles to ride a good horse. We must first seek to understand their behavior and psychology in order to embark on this adventure.

What to know before starting

Dressage is primarily a science in which it is not possible to improvise. It must be based on a fiber that is based on knowledge of the horse but also techniques to communicate with him and to become one with his mount.

No matter the degree of training your horse, his behavior naturally relies on his instincts. Which interfere most often are the instinct of flight and the herd instinct. It is possible to channel the and to take advantage of avoiding going against them. It will also consult some books especially if one knows nothing for horses. This is to be able to explore many areas and different methods to properly form an accurate idea of the horse and the right way to approach it and handle it.

It is also important to observe. Indeed, you must know all the reasons that could motivate the reactions of the horse in its relations with the man, with other dogs or with its environment. We must also think carefully about their own behavior and its impact on the horse since it perceives our attitudes, our actions, our words, our emotions, etc. If you want to build a good relationship with your horse, it is important to reassure him by making him understand that you are not a danger and assert yourself as a leader.

Making its authority

It is also important that your horse does not lack respect you walk. It must give you room at any time by not upsetting you or not sketching aggressive gestures towards you. If your horse then you lack of respect, you have to hand it to his place. The horse will not accept your authority once on his back if you have not established a kind of extension of relationships on foot.

Horse Riding Training

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