Horse Riding

How to pick up the best tips

A rider can not ride his horse without a saddle. Whether it is just for a walk or for a competition, shape and pattern of the saddle is important for riding. Especially, if it is inadequate, it may be the cause of a health problem or even an accident. This is why it is imperative to seek help for the choice of riding gear.

Buying a new or a used saddle

Generally, saddle last long thanks to the materials of construction. is a website designed to sell saddles and other accessories is concerned. Whether new or used, it is possible to find home stool different brand, size, discipline, and of course price. Rates between a new saddle and a second hand are different. However, used equipment has been tested and approved by saddlers artisans before being posted on their website. After being sold, all saddles are under warranty and followed by other services. In this case, there is not enough difference between buying a new saddle and an occasion. The important thing is to have one suitable for you and your horse.

Why to choose Equitack?

This is the strength of this site and has experts available to satisfy customers with advice, whether by phone, email or chat. It is also possible to send the description of the seat you prefer and they will need to find you. If you have found what you need, no need to worry about the quality, all the products on their site were tested. Besides, whether new or used, all the stools they sell are guaranteed for 6 months. For the money back service and that is even more captivating. They offer 7 days trial for each purchase made at home. If dissatisfied, you have the option to replace the product or to refund if the delay is not exceeded.

Horse Riding Training

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