Horse Riding

How to ride a horse

Riding a horse is an activity that provides benefits for physical and psychological health. This activity allows you to strengthen your muscles, have a good posture, etc. You could also commune with nature with walks and thus reduce your stress. Riding is not an easy thing, you need to follow certain steps before and during the activity.

Prepare the horse

You must put your horse at ease with the different equipment before mounting it. Check the stirrup, used saddles for sale, etc. You must control them to evaluate that everything is suitable for you and your horse: the length, caliper too tight, etc. This control also guarantees your safety during the ride. If your equipment is well placed, you will be well balanced during the ballad. Indeed, riding is a real sport of balance. You must take a certain posture to lighten your horse. You must both be comfortable to avoid creating mishaps during the horseback ride. This step is over, you can actually ride. Place your foot in the stirrup. You can grip with the pommel to ride. Riders often use their left foot first. Then adjust the equipment so that you are the horse enjoy a good ease. Do not forget to take the right posture to enjoy the benefits during riding.

Riding the horse

To guide your horse, you must know the different ways of communication possible with the help of your instructor. According to the different movements that you will realize, it will be the way to take. If it's a new horse, take some time to talk to him. This will allow you to build a climate of trust. He will be more attentive to the instructions during the ballad. When you pull the reins, he will be obedient. You must also adapt your behavior to that of the horse. Horses have a personality that determines how they gallop. You will see horses that are softer and others with more temperament. You must know how to listen to your horse to build some cohesion between you. By talking with him, you will be able to adopt the correct behavior so that this excursion is a pure moment of relaxation.

Horse Riding Training

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