Horse Riding

Riding a horse for dressage

If you've finally decided to go horseback riding, you should know that ride your horse is not necessarily difficult the first time if you know how you go and you also find an experienced guide to help you. For you to succeed in your first climb, you must first make sure that your horse will not be traumatized. Indeed, it is likely that you are completely affected during your first time but for your horse, this is not certain. Therefore, it should then be well prepared so that it does not feel unpleasant emotions.

The stripping in a spirit ethologic

You must consider your horse as a companion to whom you will teach all the rules of the game. For a young horse, the saddle is still something unknown and has a strong odor no matter if you choose an antares saddles or other. For that your mount can then be familiar with, you must ask the ground or against a post and bring your horse afterwards nearby. He must be able to sniff out, push the nose or to make the turn at ease. If he loses interest, is that it's so familiar. You must place the saddle in different places for it in more surprised.

The next step will then be to familiarize your horse in contact with the saddle blanket. To do this, you need to take it in hand and carry it to the nostrils of the horse so that he could identify it before approcurer his shoulder from his side and his rump. If he is afraid, you should ask your carpet and not start until later.

Now you must lay the carpet in place and put the saddle over gently. You must give him time to experience this new sensation.

Horse Riding Training

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