Horse Riding

Saddle your horse and off you go !

You always prepare before getting into something important. Prior to attend the Olympic international completion, attending sportive train themselves and sometimes go through hard privative trials just to get ready to compete. Students always prepare before an exam, and runners settle and bow down in a departure posture before the off you go signal is given. The same way goes with horsing. Your antares saddles your horse and off you go!

I like horses. I like observing them in movies and the view of a lady riding and galloping a horse in a large and green valley landscape, is quiet the picture of freedom for me. I like seeing running horses, but I am not sure I would be willing to ride one. Maybe the idea of falling upside down will paralyze me too much.
Although I don’t want to jump on a horse back right now, I don’t think I will be crazy enough to not settle a saddle, before I get on, if I was asked to.

I think a saddle is on a horse what a belt is for a car. It helps you seat well and balance your weight so he doesn’t go crazy when you get on. The material of which it is made (the leather) makes it even more comfortable for you to seat on.
I am not quite sure how to settle a saddle belt on a horse back, but I am sure there are no secrets or mystery about it. ‘Fasten your seat belt please’ you always hear before taking off on a plane trip. The same thing happens with a saddle: you just fasten it well. No need to worry about this. When you are on an equestrian field, there is always an instructor, or at least a passionate volunteer running to your rescue to help you fasten your seat belt.

Horse Riding Training

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