Horse Riding

Take care of your horse, take care of its equipment !

When talking about taking care of his horse, is made on referring to grooming. The latter is the word for the toilet of the horse. This gesture is to make every day both before and after each ride but also each time to allow your horse to stay healthy. The horse likes to be stroked, to be scraped. In the bandaging, you will not only clean but also massage and thus enable the smooth flow of blood to prepare it to work well. The grooming is done four times. First you must use the comb to loosen the points. Then the cap to remove dust on the body and the hair of your horse. After the bristle brush to remove the rest of the poussède while smoothing the hair on your mount and finally the hoof pick that will be used in cleaning horse hooves and removing gaps. It is essential to always wash the tail of your horse so that its color does not change to yellow piss. To do this, simply use mild shampoo without perfume or the special shampoo for gray horses.

How to maintain his riding equipment?

Whether you opted for the cwd used saddles or not, for a saddle leather or synthetic, you need to maintain your equipment if you want it to last in time. The majority of riders opt for leather saddles for more aesthetics and elegance but also so that the seat can endure. As leather is always in high demand during a working session, then it is obligatory to always clean it after each use. Before lubricating, you will first need to clean it to remove all dirt and allow the fat to penetrate in to feed in depth. You will then need a degreasing lotion, glycerine soap or cleansing milk. Once thoroughly cleaned leather, simply to moisturize your equipment with neat's foot oil, for example, before waxing.

Horse Riding Training

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