Horse Riding

The best equipment for the respect of your horses' back !

If you want to enjoy your rides with your horse, without the latter is not a victim of back pain or other ailments caused by its equipment would be best to choose equipment adapted to its morphology. Manufacturers like antares saddles offer many models to suit your budget but also your needs ensuring both your safety and that of your horse. It can also bring you all the advice necessary to help you choose the ideal amenities.

For the saddle

In the saddle, the choice should be based on the body size of the rider. The seat must offer him a comfortable space without being too large for its position remains stable. The districts must be able to accommodate the leg of the latter. The size of the neighborhoods should be chosen according to the size of the rider in question. In the tree, they are those of medium size that naturally fit most horses.

The choice of model must be based on the discipline that your horse exercises. A saddle has its own characteristics. Therefore if you practice several disciplines then you must change your seat each of them. The obstacle will saddle such neighborhoods have short and pronounced to the front and a flat seat or semi-hollow without forgetting the fairly pronounced cleats. The dressage saddle must have rights and long neighborhoods, and including a hollow seat and the front latches. The cross saddle must have spoken quarters forward, a flat seat or semi-hollow front latches and also quite pronounced. The purpose saddle predominantly obstacles and dressage are suitable for recreational riding and not a pure sport acitivté riding. Hiking saddle in turn must be broadly based, wide padding, long stirrup leathers, long enough quarters and a hollow seat.

Your manufacturer can advise you based on your mount. You can ask them for help or advice at any time before you purchase your equipment.

Horse Riding Training

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