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The cheapest way to buy a saddle for your horse

You do not want to invest a large sum in a new saddle that will have lost a third of its value in 6 months? We offer you an alternative and offer a wide choice of used saddles for sale in very good condition, in different budgets and brands (Kieffer, KN, Albion, Schumacher, Passier, Stubben, Euroriding, Anky, Hulsebos, Prestige, Pessoa, Tolga, Bates, Wintec, Zaldi, Jorge Canaves, Kentaur ...). Whether you are looking for a used saddle at a low price, or on the contrary a high-end saddle almost new, you will certainly find your happiness in our stock of saddles.

The best used saddles

Since each rider has his own needs, the site now offers a service "opportunity" framed by specialists of the saddle "tailor-made". Thanks to our method and the expertise of our team of professionals, find the used saddle that will allow you to be one with your horse. To use the service of our site, it is to ensure to have a saddle guaranteed and revised by our workshops. Although regularly updated, all our used saddles are not visible on the website. Contact our team, she will guide you in your search.

We offer high quality used saddles.

Are you looking for a saddle for your horse? On the website you will find a large selection of new and used saddles. To better help you in your search, we have set up numerous links allowing you to refine your criteria the first time, depending on whether you plan to buy a certain type of saddle or a certain saddle brand. You do not have the budget to buy a saddle brand new, this site is for you. Your budget allows you to buy a new mid-range saddle, we then offer to invest in a high-end used saddle! This will satisfy your expectations for many years. You will find in this category a large selection of new or used saddles from major brands of riding (CWD, Antares, Butet, Hermes, Devoucoux, Bruno Delgrange, GBS, Childeric , Fouganza, Bates, Wintec).

Horse Riding Training

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