Horse Riding

We went to Arcachon Derby

Lovers and horse lovers to meet up every year at Arcachon to enjoy demonstrations as reserve riders.

Jumping sands, must equestrian event

Each year, the derby is held on the beach Pereire means for us horse lovers the promise of an impressive sight. This event brings together the best French riders to compete on the beach with their best echidna. For the public, the organizers reserve the animations and shows. Throughout a weekend, this representation allows for exchanges between horse lovers as the site but also for the curious. The entrance fee in line with expectations and budget of all, because it is available online. Tickets are available online or once on site.

The sands jumping program

Over the years, this event has continued to amaze audiences with interesting programs for all. As it lasts 2 days, he promises everything a busy weekend for the riders and the public. The first day of the contest jumping start. Certainly there is a competition but everyone is mostly come for fun and entertainment. Throughout the contest, we observed several activities and at the end of the competition, the horses and their mounts offered us an unforgettable horse show. This show consists of jumping and group choreography demonstrations. The second day was the busiest. We enjoyed the whole day of entertainment and shows, preceded the second round of the jumping competition. For those who want to ride in pony, it's time for the equestrian associations offer pony baptism on Pereire beach. For large and small, these professionals are there to learn and do demonstrations. Finally, the Derby Pereire begins. This long-awaited event, which takes place at low tide the Pereire Beach. This test is then followed by another show and various competitions, all in the joy and good humor.

Horse Riding Training

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