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Best saddles and the best brands

When you're looking for a saddle, you always hope to fall on the best saddle and do at the same time a good deal by buying it cheaply. But the reality is different, because the best seats are often offered at exorbitant prices. We offer you the best saddles and the best brands.

The best available brands’ saddles

There are several saddlers that offer products that compete in beauty and ingenuity. Among its products, there are entry products, mid-range and top of the range. It is the same for stool manufacturers. Some brands only offer premium products, so very expensive. This is the case brands such as antares saddles, CWD or Delgrange.

However among the brands that offer mid-range products we have manufacturers such as Bates or Forestier. And for entry-level products, you can fall back on the saddles brands like Terrys for example. These saddles are offered for less than 1000 euros. They are suitable for novices and those who occasionally practice horse riding.

What are the best saddles in the market?

There is no better brand saddle, strickly speaking. Indeed, the best seat is the one that suits best for your horse and yourself. It is important to take into account the comfort of the horse and rider when choosing your seat. In addition, the choice of the saddle should also be performed according to the discipline that is desired practice. Thus we find dressings saddles, of course saddles, saddles for jumping, etc. However, there are mixed stool that can be used to practice several types of horse riding disciplines.

In terms of texture, the best saddles are essentially leather saddles. In fact, leather is a noble and premium material; it also allows the manufacture of saddles with unique design and impeccable finishes. These stools are also durable. As for stools made of plastic, they are cheaper and require less maintenance compared to leather saddles.

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