Horse Riding

How is it to become a cowboy ?

When one goes generally to Houston or Dallas, this is not obvious yet cowboys exist very well. To become one, you have to follow some rules.

Ride a horse

It is often said that the city of Bandera located in the northwest of San Antonio is the world capital of cowboys while Pleasanton happens to be their cradle. Anyway one as the other abounds several ranches where it is possible for visitors to learn to ride or to excel and perform while having the opportunity to spend the night there. Equipment such as antares saddles are complete in these tourist ranches and you will have with you one or more monitors that could introduce you.

Boots and cowboy hat

To become a real cowboy, it is essential to get the boots and the famous hat. It is possible to find in the department stores of the city or in small shops selling cheap goods. Otherwise, there's always the Internet.

From the livestock meeting

If work on a ranch or participate in rodeos are generally recreation or hobby cowboys, they can also simply enjoy the daily parade at lngues horned cow herd some cattle historic paddock as Fort Worth for example. If you are in Dallas or nearby, you can opt for a trip to the Ewing Southfrk ranck or in the George Ranch historical park if you are in Houston.

Although honors ancestors

A few kilometers south of Kingsville situated just forty minutes drive from Corpus Christi, you have the opportunity to learn more about the vaqueros southern state with a detour to the Kenedy Ranch. You can also immerse completely in the history of cowboys and cowgirls going to the National ranching heritage center where you can enter for free. The latter is located at the university campus Texas Tech Lubbock.

Hunt buffalo

To be a real cowboy, you have to hunt buffalo. You can practice by going Caprok canuons state park that still hosts a wild bison herd. The species was almost over if Charles Goodnight did not begin to keep them on his property.

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