Horse Riding

How is it to ride a horse without a saddle?

They say that is a very good jumper when you know how to ride a horse without having to saddle as antares saddles. To ride a horse, it is important to have a great imagination but not only. You also need to follow some rules if you do not want to hurt you.

We all know when to ride, it must be done with his left foot into the left stirrup looking back for classic climbs and front for Western. But ride is not limited only to these.

The bareback

The saddle allows to bring more protection to the rider as the horse. It is not compulsory knowing that there are some horses that are made to the bareback ie climbing without using a stool. The latter are those which have a wider and a back drowned column. Indeed, their muscules back level are generally used as a natural splint.

Bareback Riding is not an easy task. Indeed, it is impossible to cheat to know how to ride a horse without a saddle. It is essential to know his horse run if we do not want to be hurt. The bareback teaches you to be one with your mount with a balance that will become instinctive.

When bareback, we do not have enforchure. It is important, to bend a little Jamble to the hip with a lower leg of descent. We can then easily be maintained on the horse's back with the adductors. We can stand with the help of the knee and calf. It should also have a more flexible pool and plumb and to avoid the risk of the horse haywire during locomotion. A check-up will then be done by a human bone mostly. To know how to ride bareback, it is necessary to always keep a straight position. For bareback regular, then it is important to always recover.

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