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In a competition, my horse lost his saddle, horrilbe !

Recently in a competition, my horse lost his seat. I did not understand right away what had happened. But I think now that his saddle was misplaced. Yet I was sure that with a custom-made saddle, such a mishap would never happen to me. In fact here means nothing.
Only the sudden I was beside myself. I missed the jump, I missed the gallop. In short, it was horrible.
It's true that my instructor had told me a few days before: "You have to watch your way of sadling your horse. I've learned to put the saddle properly. The saddle at the withers is not good! "
My horse had locked the withers and I was not focused on my saddle. Result: the first jumping, saddle moved and I lost balance. I found myself on the ground. Luckily my horse stopped running before!
There was more fear than harm, and I'm me off lightly. I have not even been injured but I was in a state. My jacket and my pants are not good to wear. My seat is damaged . But if it was only here : I have known the biggest shame of my life. You imagine ! My whole family , my parents, my sister, my brother were in the stands . My friends also were there. All came to cheer me !

My instructor was also there . She was sorry for me. When I returned to the club, she gave me a replacement saddle. It was not a CWD saddle, which ultimately fits my horse. I feel also very good with.

I wonder now if I will watch the cwd used saddles.

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