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My meeting with Antares sadler !

A few steps from Vienna in Charentes, there are vineyards along the top of the hills leading to Saintes, where Antares manufactures and develops its finest custom saddles. Antares is a worldwide leader in the manufacture of the latter. As labélissée "Enterprise du patrimoine Vivant" since 2008, his studio has grown to dial up to about thirty five craftsmen who are passionate can realize up to two miles saddles per year. The latter are subsequently distributed into twenty countries.

A complete collection

Hosted by one of the founders of the company, I went in search of the institution throughout its entire collection. With many specific models for which the CSO is also available in single-district as double, endurance, dressage and the cross, with a total of three models for dressage and six models for the obstacle. Each saddle is produced one by one by hand by experts sharing unconditional love of the horse. Many skilled horsemen traveling in every country in the world to find new customers. The company has three subsidiaries in the US curren, Switzerland and Canada. Note that there are now two years the Signature range of Antares had just come out with ready-to-wear for this one. She facilié export more like the choice of customers throughout France. Currently, their designers continue to make their products worthy of the horse but above the rider.

Available in all countries of the world

No matter where you live, it is quite possible that you obtain the range of Antares whether its custom collection of stool antares saddles or his collection of ready to wear clothing without Altair forgetting the collection entry and used saddles. Across Europe, France, Germany, Canada, the USA and in several other countries, although you can equip your horse with materials of the highest quality at very affordable prices. Now you can ensure your safety and that of your horse.

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