Horse Riding

The story of my first saddle

A saddle that is comfortable for both you and the wearing horse is crucial for safety and comfort while riding on horseback. Since saddles come in a broad range of dimensions, styles, and prices, it can take time to choose the correct one. By spending the time on the front end in studies and training, you will know how to purchase the correct saddle that will last you for years to come.

My experience with the first saddle I bought

The horse I bought was a KWPN gelding four years old. I never fell in love with a horse like this before-we had an exceptional bonding after days of sight. I purchased a Hidalgo London GP saddle which was the first saddle I bought to be ready for backup and riding. Easy to fit with paddable numnahs but in a form that made it hard to flatwork. I wanted the best for this horse -as a great adventure we shared, he should experience riding. I sat on this wonderful little horse only once-before he died. I still had my retired endurance horse at this stage in time.

For more than 10 years now, he's been part of my lives and more like a dog than a horse. My interest in saddle fitting began with him. He was a truly hard-to-fit saddle applicant, being just about 14.2 hhs high, with powerful shoulders reaching far back into the saddle region, a brief back and a girth zone in front of the saddle region. So I learned where to look and what a perfectly fitting saddle needs to look at. After sometimes, I saw somewhere used saddles for sale and I wanted to by another one and keep it should in case. I wanted to become a Hidalgo saddle fitter convinced by the scheme. And so I learned how to fit these saddles and began offering my service in Scotland as a dedicated Hidalgo saddle fitter-the first Scottish saddle fitter to introduce and trade this brand.

My Horses story

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